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Ten years ago today, a game was released that changed the Tomb Raider community forever. The Angel of Darkness was a bold and ambitious adventure that introduced us to a new Lara Croft – one darker and yet more vulnerable than ever before. Intrigue and betrayal were suddenly just as deadly as poison darts and triggered entombment. A Shadow War, waged since Biblical times, would engulf us as we followed Lara on her journey for justice and answers. With locations every bit as eclectic and intriguing as its characters, and despite the bittersweet taint of poor controls, bugs, and an unfinished story, AoD secured its place as a cult classic.

The dedication and passion of AoD’s fans cannot be overstated, yet there have been few if any successful attempts to create a worthy sequel to the game. Now, however, we are delighted to announce, here on AoD’s tenth anniversary, that such a sequel is underway. Tomb Raider: The Lost Dominion is a fans’ transmedia project that aims to finish what AoD started, both as a playable game, and as a full-length novelisation.

As might be expected, a project of this size and scope is expected to take several years. As a not-for-profit work, we do not have the luxury of being paid to work full-time! Nevertheless, the TLD team has already spent considerable time laying the fundamental groundwork – drafting story, writing script, creating new animations, move capabilities, and more. We also have the immense privilege to be in regular contact with many of Core Design’s original developers – including Peter Connelly, Richard Morton, Ady Smith, and Murti Schofield – who have shared their unique insight into the world of AoD, and the ingenuity that went into its creation. Thus, we hope to create a game that is not only a cracking adventure, but has the heart and soul of the developers’ original vision.

For now, please sit back and enjoy our special tenth anniversary celebration, featuring an interview with Murti Schofield, music by our composer Thomas Kobialka, and artworks by our concept artists Matt Chrich and Ben Kettleborough.

As you can probably guess, we will be fully occupied for the coming months, and do not anticipate releasing any more material in the immediate future. However, we hope that this has given you a taste of what is to come, and that you – fans of AoD and Tomb Raider – will continue to show your support for this unique endeavour.

You can find our AoD 10th Anniversary Podcast – including a full interview with Murti Schofield – on our Soundcloud account:

The full Murti Schofield interview transcript can be viewed by accessing our Downloads page:

4 Apr 2013


Hello Raiders!

As you know this project is non-profit one, but nevertheless there are things where we need your help to still use professional tools we already do.

One of them is Dropbox.

Dropbox is a cloud storage service where we from the TLD team work, and it's essential for every member to have enough space in there to contribute to the project.

If you join Dropbox by one of the links in the comments, you help us with 500MB to use.
Even with 1 new membership, it would help us tremendously.
Thank you.

The Tomb Raider Guitar Project

Really great Project from two guys from UK and Poland.
How come Crystal Dynamics haven't hired them yet?!
Check out their Tomb Raider Guitar Project. Some serious business going on there.

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Strahov Concept Art by Matt Chrich

The Strahov facility is more-or-less destroyed, and things are getting pretty crazy down there after Lara destroys the Sleeper.

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The Foreign Legion

The French Foreign Legion is a military service wing of the French Army established in 1831, unique because it was exclusively created for foreign nationals willing to serve in the French Armed Forces.

Kurtis Trent joins the Foreign Legion in 1991 with the age of 19, after his rebellations against his father, Konstantin Heissturm.
Kurtis leaves the The Foreign Legion in 1996 — at

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The Lux Veritatis Order

The Lux Veritatis ("Light of Truth") were a secret 12th century Order of Warrior Christian monks, an offshoot of the Knights Templar. Dedicated to suppressing evil, particularly works of Sorcery and alchemy. Responsible for destroying Eckhardt, the Black Alchemist, in 1445.

The founding members of the Lux Veritatis are:


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The Nephilim Sign

An ancient sign mostly found in ancient structures in Cappadocia, Turkey and recently in Prague and Paris after the monstrum killings.
Also used by Pieter Van Eckhardt and The Cabal during various rituals.

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The Golden Lion

The Golden Lion symbol is a symbol used by the Cabal, the Strahov and Eckhardt.
It has an ancient origin and a strong connection to the Nephilim.
The Prophecy says:

"Through the Golden Lion the Nephilim will enslave the sons of man and inherit the Earth"

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Do you recognize this picture?
Where is it from?
What do you understand out of it?