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19 Jun 2013

The Angel of Darkness: 10th Anniversary

Ten years ago today, a game was released that changed the Tomb Raider community forever. The Angel of Darkness was a bold and ambitious adventure that introduced us to a new Lara Croft – one darker and yet more vulnerable than ever before. Intrigue and betrayal were suddenly just as deadly as poison darts and triggered entombment. A Shadow War, waged since Biblical times, would engulf us as we followed Lara on her journey for justice and answers. With locations every bit as eclectic and intriguing as its characters, and despite the bittersweet taint of poor controls, bugs, and an unfinished story, AoD secured its place as a cult classic.

The dedication and passion of AoD’s fans cannot be overstated, yet there have been few if any successful attempts to create a worthy sequel to the game. Now, however, we are delighted to announce, here on AoD’s tenth anniversary, that such a sequel is underway. Tomb Raider: The Lost Dominion is a fans’ transmedia project that aims to finish what AoD started, both as a playable game, and as a full-length novelisation.

As might be expected, a project of this size and scope is expected to take several years. As a not-for-profit work, we do not have the luxury of being paid to work full-time! Nevertheless, the TLD team has already spent considerable time laying the fundamental groundwork – drafting story, writing script, creating new animations, move capabilities, and more. We also have the immense privilege to be in regular contact with many of Core Design’s original developers – including Peter Connelly, Richard Morton, Ady Smith, and Murti Schofield – who have shared their unique insight into the world of AoD, and the ingenuity that went into its creation. Thus, we hope to create a game that is not only a cracking adventure, but has the heart and soul of the developers’ original vision.

For now, please sit back and enjoy our special tenth anniversary celebration, featuring an interview with Murti Schofield, music by our composer Thomas Kobialka, and artworks by our concept artists Matt Chrich and Ben Kettleborough.

As you can probably guess, we will be fully occupied for the coming months, and do not anticipate releasing any more material in the immediate future. However, we hope that this has given you a taste of what is to come, and that you – fans of AoD and Tomb Raider – will continue to show your support for this unique endeavour.

You can find our AoD 10th Anniversary Podcast – including a full interview with Murti Schofield – on our Soundcloud account:

The full Murti Schofield interview transcript can be viewed by accessing our Downloads page:


Leka (27 Aug 2013 - 12:09):

Hello from Ukraine! Like to hear that work is going on, guys :) After all this time we will see second part of the TR - that's really amazing! Good luck to you. Much love P.s. I can't wait to play TLD ^^

Patricia (24 Jun 2013 - 21:17):

May God bless everyone in your team! There're so many fans of Angel of Darkness, we all cry out for part two of our beloved Tomb Raider. Stay safe and please, release this game in one, beautiful day!

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